The TRC QUICK START CARAVAN is coming to you!


Good news for those residing in Isabela and Cagayan, Truly Rich Club will have its second TRC Caravan in Isabela and Cagayan on Apr 18 & 19, 2015.

TRC Quickstart caravan philippines schedule

This is open to members of Truly Rich Club. This is also open to those who are not yet members of TRC but who want to grow their finances just the same.

For more details and to sign up, CLICK HERE.

On that day, you’ll receive the following…

  • For those who don’t have an online Stock Market account, they will help you open a COL Financial account.
  • For those who haven’t bought their first Stocks, you’ll learn how to buy and sell through a COL Financial website.  They will teach you how to maneuver your way through that website.
  • You’ll learn how to enjoy ALL the benefits of the TrulyRichClub.
  • You’ll learn the power of investing—including strategies on how to be consistent so you can create your future millions.
  • You can meet other new members of the TrulyRichClub.
  • You can ask all the questions you want on starting your investment program.

Happy investing!

Janice Medes, CPA

P.S. TRC made the registration fee very, very affordable at P497 only for TRC members (should be P1,000 per session).
If you are not yet a member, just register as my guest so you also enjoy the discount by clicking the link below. Slots are limited.

To sign up, visit

P.S.2 Within Metro Manila? There will be a TRC QuickStart in PICC on April 12, 2015. To sign up, visit

P.S.3 For TRC Caravan International updates, visit

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