TRC Stock Alert: Prop Your Feet Up, Yawn, and Sleep With Happy Dreams…



Merry Christmas!

 Here’s the latest stock alert that Bo has sent to TrulyRichClub members. Read Bo’s email below.

The Stock Market continued to fall 5 days ago.

Oh, what a beautiful time!

I know that wise TrulyRichClub members try very hard to hide the impish smile on their faces.   Especially from officemates (who are not TRC members) who are pulling their hair in terror.

As the old TRC members know, we get very excited when the Stock Market dives down like this simply because we can buy at lower prices.  Yes, we earn the most money during times like these.

While everyone is scared, TRC members prop up their feet, yawn and go to sleep with happy dreams.

By the way, why is our Stock Market going down?

It’s a global phenomenon.  Because the oil prices are going down (because the US has now increased their own supply) and the US dollar is strong, almost all the stock markets of the world are going down.  Being an oil producer, Russia is heavily affected by this crisis.  And so are the stock markets of Japan, Indonesia, Thailand… Why?  Foreign Funds that have bought into these stock markets are selling.  The Philippine stock market was the last to be sold because of our strong economy, but that’s also the reason why we believe that when these Foreign Funds start buying again, we’ll be the first to be bought — and our stock market will be one of the first to go up.

What should you do?  Relax.

If it’s your monthly time to buy stocks, buy what you can as long as it is in our buy below price.

In the meantime, chill.

Happy investing.

Merry Christmas!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. By the way, in the Christmas Ball of the TrulyRichClub last Sunday, I interviewed my driver and my two maids.  It was fantastic.  Their money is steadily growing.  My driver had the smallest amount — a total of P288T+ after 4 years of investing.  My maids started earlier, thus, their money is so much bigger.  He started late because he said, “I can’t invest.

I’m a married man with 4 kids.  I don’t have any extra money to invest.”

But when he saw how my maids were growing their money in their stock market portfolio, he realized he was being left behind.  So 4 years ago, he did it.  He began putting P1000 a month, later P2000 a month, and later still, P3000 a month into the stock market…

Tell your friends about the TrulyRichClub crusade.  Together, we can help an entire generation of Filipinos to grow in their financial and spiritual life.

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Happy investing!

Janice Medes, CPA

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